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Erp Software Solutions

Choosing the right erp software solution is important to an organizations needs and objectives. Defining business goals, process improvements, software dependencies and infrastructure requirements all plays a part in influencing a companies preference for a solution. When establishing the mandate to initiate the software solution, it is important that stakeholders from the different business departments are consulted. This will ensure there are no conflicts between the competing needs of the organization.

What are some options for enterprise resource planning software?

Erp Software Solutions

Open Source Solution:

Open source solutions are rapidly gaining popularity since the advent of the internet. Collaborative environments provide a toolset from which organizations can build upon. This solution is more likely to be implemented in smaller companies that have specialized development teams that possesses the necessary expertise. As a large scale enterprise wide solution, it has limitations and doesn't come with extensive support services or qualified third party solution providers that are frequently required for large scale projects.

Build the enterprise resource software solution from the ground up:

Some companies consider building the erp software from the ground up. Unless there is a competitive advantage or distinct reason to do so, this option is likely to be very expensive and risky. Designing a full scale integrated business suite, defining functionality, determining reporting requirements and assessing hardware infrastructure is a significant undertaking. ERP vendors have spent tens of millions of dollars compiling requirements and building software that can be customized for any organization. With the cost of employing and maintaining development teams, unless you have the required skill sets at competitive labor rates, purchasing an 'off the shelf' solution is likely to be more cost effective.

ERP Software Companies: It is no secret that ERP software solutions are big business for the organizations that push them. With elaborate sales presentations and sales representatives extending lavish gifts and flying company representative's first class, it is a highly competitive marketplace. The software purchase alone can run into the millions. Support and installation services comprise a bigger slice of the ERP implementation budget. Popular ERP packages are offered by companies such as Peoplesoft, SAP, Microsoft, Sage Group, SSA Global tech and Oracle. Solutions are provided as a complete enterprise wide solution or in modular form. A company needs to compare the features offered by the solution provider against the desired process improvements. Finding the functional fit for the organizations is of high strategic importance.

Before selecting an erp software solution it is important to review the options. More time spent planning will provide for a smoother implementation process.

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