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Erp Distribution Software

ERP Distribution Software To Monitor Your Supply Channel

Erp Distribution Software

Are you looking to increase the business performance of your distribution channel? Perhaps it is time to consider implementing ERP distribution software in your company. A comprehensive ERP distribution system will allow you to monitor your supply channel and optimize for improved performance. You can take control of the way your products are stored, retrieved and transported, greatly decreasing the number of in-transit losses. Specialized ERP distribution software also integrates with GPS and GIS data to track and report your distribution network in real time.

An ERP distribution application must be chosen for best fit. Here are some important considerations. First of all, your ERP distribution software must be able to integrate with other departments of your company for business transparency and integrated decision making. Information flows must be transferable across business units. This permits more informed decision making across all business units. If you are integrating ERP on a company wide scale, you should consider the ramifications of using different vendor products. A modular approach from one vendor may be a superior solution form a scalability and training perspective.

Erp Distribution Software

Another important consideration for ERP distribution management software is warehouse management. Since all warehouses use either a barcode or an RFID based product tracking system, integration with these product tracking systems must be available. In cases where rapid fulfillment of orders is required, the ERP distribution software must be capable of providing real time tracking, right from the line of production through delivery and ultimately to the retailers. There must also be an option to bypass the warehouse if rapid delivery is needed, especially in the case of FMCG. By using GIS and GPS data, ERP distribution software must be able to point out specific areas which are strategically located and can act as effective distribution points for areas of high demand.

ERP distribution applications must also have the ability to integrate with the inventory management systems in order to automate ordering and shipping processes. This will also provide you with feedback data regarding the sales from vendors. You can use this information for marketing purposes to decide optimal areas for product distribution and devise solutions for areas that are lagging in sales.

ERP distribution software reduces the costs associated with maintaining inventory levels by providing critical real time data that allows you to manage the overall efficiency of your distribution network. Business performance improvement and an increase in your bottom line are a natural consequence of having critical business information provided in timely and meaningful way.

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